Crafting Season is Upon Us! By Julie White


The holiday season equals crafting season in my book. There are so many fun Christmas and winter crafts to make. I decided that this year, the first one on my list was a vintage ornament wreath. I’ve seen some beautiful ones online and once ARC put all of their Christmas items out, I started hunting for ornament treasures. I knew I needed tons of ornaments for a large wreath so I bought a lot of boxes of vintage glass globe ornaments in all different colors.

I found a good amount of them bagged, too. I love the ARC bags because there’s always some good stuff, you just have to hunt to find it.

It’s not hoarding if it’s for a project…right? I was lucky enough to find some great Shiny Brite ornaments and several different designs. I knew I wanted some fancy ones to go on the front of the wreath. I went through all of the ornaments at ARC that I could find and came across some really beautiful ones.


I was even lucky enough to find the wreath form at ARC. I love the crafting section in each store. I always check there first before a project because I’d much rather put my money towards a wonderful cause versus a big craft chain store.


My first step was to wrap a tinsel garland around the entire wreath form. I didn’t want any white styrofoam peeking through. Using hot glue I secured one end and then wrapped the whole thing and glued the other end to make sure it wouldn’t unravel.


After that I started gluing the larger, plain globe ornaments all around the outside edge. (Good thing I was able to find so many at ARC-this wreath took a lot of them.) This project is all about the glue gun; everything is secured with hot glue.


Once the outside border was done, it was time to start gluing onto the front of the wreath. I tried to mix and match colors and designs to get a good mix of them. This was the fun part!

Here is the wreath in stages, as I added more and more ornaments:

And finally, the finished project:


I love this wreath! I think it turned out amazing. It might be my favorite thing that I’ve ever crafted all thanks to the great ornaments that I found at ARC. And it’s only the beginning of the crafting season!


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