Halloween Fun! by Julie White

PhotoBooth1One of my favorite things at a party is when there’s a photo booth. People seem to love wearing silly things and taking pictures of themselves, no matter what the occasion. At my recent Halloween party, we decided to make our own photo booth corner. It was Harry Potter themed so I hit ARC for supplies.

We’ve got Harry himself:


ARC actually had a brand new-in-package Harry Potter set, including the glasses and wand.

Then we’ve got Dumbledore:PhotoBooth3

This one I put together myself with a jester hat that I cut the bottom off, reading glasses and a new-in-package beard from ARC. Grand total was under $5.

Next is Mad-Eye Moody:PhotoBooth4

I found the eye patch at ARC for 68 cents and glued on half of a plastic eyeball. (The flask belongs to a friend…) This one was my favorite because it was so simple to transform something thrifted into something new.

Last is Luna:PhotoBooth5

This was another super easy transformation; I added two pieces of vellum to these great glittery star glasses.

Other items included witches hats, brooms, graduation robes, and a sword(of Gryffindor!), as well as a homemade Wizard’s Most Wanted poster.

Finally, what Harry Potter party would be complete without a Sorting Hat?!PhotoBooth6

(Originally a “Buccaneer” hat from ARC.)

This was such a fun project to shop for and work on and people seemed to love it!


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