*Christmas Crafting* By Julie White


This is one of the easiest and cutest crafts that I’ve made all year. It’s a great end product for not much of a time commitment. That’s the best kind of craft, if you ask me.


I had a bunch of vintage ornament boxes leftover after making an ornament wreath and some of them had great, retro designs. I decided to create some vintage Christmas shadow boxes for further decoration.

First I removed the clear plastic from the top of the boxes and then I gutted them to get rid of the individual ornament slots:

Then I covered the back of the boxes with shiny wrapping paper in order to make it brighter when I put the items in and help make them more visible.

Finally, I added the fun stuff! One box got just a simple deer that I was lucky enough to find in a bag at ARC.


The other one got more details: a faux flower glued up high, a vintage elf from ARC (another treasure from one of their bags), and some garland.

I glued the top or front of the boxes back on and added a few finishing touches. Then it was done! I took a picture showing the sides of the box and the way things are tucked in there.

These were so, so easy and turned out great. I love the way they look tucked around my house.


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