The candy’s great and everything, but to us what’s REALLY fun about Halloween is the costumes!

And, not just any old costume. At arc we have a special place in our hearts for creepy and frightfully awesome build-your-own creations, for Halloween get-ups that are inspired by the imagination!

Building your own Halloween costume – whether it’s scary or silly, based on your favorite celebrity or TV character or purely fantastical – might seem a bit daunting. But we’re here to tell you it’s really actually quite easy! It’s as simple as going to your local arc, grabbing a cart, strolling the aisles, and then letting your imagination run wild! And, the good news is that because you’ve thrifted it, it won’t scare your bank account.

Here are a few particularly great costume creations we came up with when we were at the Louisville store. And, the treat of this trick is that each one of these cost less than $25!


If the world can’t have this wonderful man with us now, at least you can dress up like him!

  1. Gray pants
  2. Belt
  3. White shirt
  4. Tie
  5. Cardigan
  6. Gray wig
  7. Wig cap
  8. Tennis shoes
  9. Dress shoes

arc_Pinterest Halloween Costume Boards Mr. Rogers-11


Just because the show is over doesn’t mean you can’t fangirl all over Khaleesi.

  1. White graduation robe (sleeves turned inside)
  2. White dress
  3. Gold belt
  4. Silver high heels
  5. Black brooch
  6. Long blond wig
  7. Wig cap
  8. Toy dragon

arc_Pinterest Halloween Costume Boards Khalessi-12


This master of the Happy Tree is the personification of creativity!

  1. Jeans
  2. White button down shirt
  3. Belt
  4. Tennis shoes
  5. Curly wig
  6. Wig cap
  7. Painting
  8. Paint brushes and a palette

arc_Pinterest Halloween Costume Boards Bob Ross-09


Scream queens are always popular!!

  1. Pink dress
  2. Pink high heels
  3. Silver tiara
  4. Pearl bracelet
  5. Purple bracelet
  6. Crystal bracelet
  7. Long blond wig
  8. Wig cap
  9. Makeup palette

arc_Pinterest Halloween Costume Boards Zombie-10

Make sure to check out our Pinterest page to see full build-outs.  https://www.pinterest.com/arcthriftstores/halloween/diy-halloween-costumes/

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