It’s Halloween at arc! by Julie White


If you haven’t been to ARC lately, you are missing out. Halloween time is the most fun in the ARC thrift stores. There are costumes galore, wigs, accessories; everything you could possibly need for an amazing Halloween. Recently I went in not for costume purposes but for props. Some friends and I are throwing a Halloween party, which means we need decorations. One of the things we wanted to create was a set of potions bottles and jars to have around the house for a spooky atmosphere. I set out to ARC to find what we needed in the way of containers.


I found all kinds of great bottles and jars perfect for potions. I bought large and small to have a variety, visually, and to have different options when deciding what to put inside. My favorite is a beautiful, vintage decanter that came with a label already on it.


After purchasing and cleaning all of the jars and bottles, my friends and I set about making our “potions”. We used all kinds of things inside the jars and then designed some labels to go on the front. I think they turned out amazing!


Some of you may notice the Harry Potter theme. We’re slightly obsessed…..


I hope this project inspires you to hit your local ARC thrift store and come up with a spooky Halloween project of your own!


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