arc Sweet arc by Julie White

I moved into a new home last summer and am just now figuring out what to put on the walls (no judgment, please). ARC has been a major resource in this venture. Not only have I found pictures and frames, but I’ve also found craft items that I’ve used to make wall art. My most recent project was this Home Sweet Home cross stitch:


I found the special cross stitch fabric in a big roll at ARC for $1.99 and then I found the frame for $2.50. I started by stretching the fabric behind the frame and stapling it with a small staple gun to the edges of the frame.


After it was nice and tight I counted the squares the length and width of the frame and made a plan for my embroidery using a piece of graph paper. There’s probably an easier way to do this but I went old school. After I had the design mapped out I started stitching! I used mint green embroidery floss that I had left from a previous project.


When I was all done I put a wire through two of the staples so that I could hang it.


Voila! This was a super easy project on a very cheap budget. I love the way it turned out and I really like how it looks next to my vintage picture of Maroon Bells (also an ARC find, of course J).



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