A Festive Banner To Ring In The New Year

It is time to bring in the New Year. Why don’t we do so with a fun arc craft project? Whether you’re planning on having a big party or just staying in with a glass of champagne, you can’t go wrong with a New Year’s banner to bring in the festive spirit.

The arc carries many craft supplies and is the perfect place to start your DIY mission. The first stop to make is the textile section, where you can find many different fabric types and patterns. For my banner, I found about two yards of gold polyester with sparkles, perfect for a fun banner! The fabric cost $9.99.


The next stop I made was the craft section, where I found glitter packets for $1.99. I knew I had some spray on glue at home to use for sticking the glitter to the fabric, so I was set.

The first step is to cut out a long strip of fabric to use to hang all the other banner components on. Next cut out four large squares. I eyed mine and they turned out to be about 8 inches by 8 inches. I cut number stencils out of cardboard and used them to apply the glue and glitter. I made slits in the upper corners of the fabric panels so I could string them onto the original strip of fabric.

arc4arc5arc6arc7 The tassels are made by cutting out long strips of fabric, wrapping them around a 4 inch piece of cardboard and then tying them off. The tassels can by tied to the original strip of fabric.


I put everything together and the results are below. I can’t wait to go back to the arc New Year’s day for their 50% off sale!


Make Your Own Mug

So the other day I went by arc Thrift and I bought a white mug for my latest (affordable) craft project!  I wanted to make my own custom designed mug.  These are great for gifts, special occasions or just for plain fun.  Next, I hand drew on the white mug with a sharpie (preferably a sharpie paint marker), you can find these for cheap at any arts and crafts store. You can use all kinds of colors and designs on your mug, get creative and crafty Colorado! Be sure to wipe the mug off with a damp cloth and dry it before you start drawing.  Once you have completed your artwork its ready to be baked.  Heat the oven to 365 degrees and put the mug in there while the oven is heating up, this will prevent it from cracking.  Now once the oven heats up you will want to bake to start a timer and bake it for 30 minutes. Afterwards let it sit in there while the oven cools.  Take it out. Wash it. Enjoy it! Image


– Lian, arc Thrift’s college blogger

arc University Awards 94 Graduates with Diplomas


In grand style before an audience of cheering families and friends, 94 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities proudly accepted their college diplomas Wednesday evening from Arc University. Arc University, formed in 2012, is the vision of the management team at Arc Thrift Stores of Colorado. Through a $100,000.00 grant from The Daniel’s Fund, Arc developed “Arc U” to provide an education in life skills for team members with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The 94 graduates received a variety of degrees including Certificates of Participation and Doctorate Degrees.

Arc University is a 12-month program, which consists of monthly sessions covering various topics from financial literacy, music appreciation, pet care, transportation mobility and food preparation. The program is managed much like a university including lecturers, course work, study guides and exams.  “The Arc University program allows individuals in the developmental disability community to achieve what so many of us take for granted,” stated Lloyd Lewis President/CEO, Arc Thrift Stores. “They achieve a sense of independence and accomplishment. With the skills learned, they increase their self esteem allowing them to effectively and actively participate in the Colorado community.”

At age 60, class Valedictorian, Dennis Schwed, addressed his graduating class with the following advice, “Do the best you can with what you have and enjoy life to the fullest.”

Radio talk show host Angie Austin delivered the commencement speech. Former First Lady of Colorado and Arc Thrift Stores Community Relations Director Frances Owens, along with Penfield Tate, Faye Tate, Cleo Parker Robinson, Tamra Ward,Stephen Burg, Lynne Valencia and Patti Dennis were also in attendance.

arc Thrift Stores – Top 10 White Elephant Gifts

Laughter danced through the offices at arc Thrift Stores as team members selected their top choices for the annual white elephant gift guide. Traditionally “White Elephant” gifts are items that are useless, but humorous. For the last 12 months, the marketing team at arc Thrift Stores has been collecting items that fit that bill.

Following is a preview of the 2013 “Top Ten” White Elephant gifts that are sure to be a conversation piece.

Let the gag gifting begin. Over a million other White Elephant gifts can be found in arc Thrift Stores 22 Colorado locations along with vintage Christmas treasures and “Ugly” Christmas sweaters.

About arc Thrift Stores: arc Thrift Stores http://www.arcthrift.org operates 22 thrift stores and 9 “donation stations” throughout Colorado. arc Thrift Stores provides funding to arc Chapters, which in turn provide advocacy for people with developmental disabilities. arc Thrift Stores is one of the largest employers of individuals with developmental disabilities in the state of Colorado.