arcs and Crafts: More Holiday Wreaths!

By Julie White

Last year I found tons of beautiful vintage ornaments at ARC so I crafted some ornament wreaths for Christmas. I loved how they turned out:


I am continuing to make them this year but wanted to expand my repertoire with a more modern design. I’ve seen some really neat minimalist wreaths lately and decided to try my hand. Starting with a large, wooden embroidery hoop ($2.99 for a bag full of 5 of them at ARC), I wrapped just the bottom third in tinsel ($0.99 for a large bag of it at ARC). I wrapped it tightly around the hoop and secured both ends with hot glue.


Then came the fun part of deciding what to put on it. I looked through my vintage ornaments and Christmas ephemera from ARC; it was tough deciding between all of these fun guys ($1.99 for a whole bag full of little figurines).


I wanted to use some of these retro seventies ornaments, too:


In the end, I went with a tried and true elf and added a great vintage glass ornament right in the front.  Using my hot glue gun I secured each item until I ended up with this:


I like how it turned out with the minimalist style and how it can be used to highlight all kinds of fun holiday items. I made a few more with other themes, as well:



Such an easy way to expand your holiday décor collection. Happy thrifting and crafting!



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