It’s Holiday Thrifting Time!

For some reason, thrifting and crafting around the holidays feels different than during the rest of the year. It’s so fun to dig through the holiday treasures and memories to hopefully find something that can be a part of your own holiday memories.


I found this adorable guy at an ARC near my home and grabbed him up instantly. I knew I wanted to do something with him to have out on display for Christmas but I wasn’t sure what that was.


As I wandered around I kept coming upon really great, fun vintage ornaments. I love the sequined ones plus the tiny box of mini ornaments.  Once I had those in hand I knew which direction I wanted to go.


I decided I wanted to build a tiny tree out of ornaments to perch on the mug. Using some tinsel garland (from a miscellaneous holiday craft bag at ARC) and hot glue I got my base ornament set.


A mid-size glass bulb ornament, paired with one of the tiny guys I bought, would be the rest of the tree. I removed the metal top on the medium sized gold bulb and put some hot glue inside the rim before sticking the mini-bulb in upside down. I then glued the gold bulb to the sequined one and it was complete!


This was such an easy craft and I love how it turned out. The grand total cost, with all supplies from ARC, came out to $4.17 including tax. It might even end up as a thrifty gift for someone!

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