Unique Wall Art at arc Thrift

By Julie White


One of my favorite things about shopping at arc thrift is the individuality of each item I buy. The art that I buy for my walls doesn’t look like anything in anyone else’s house, which means my home itself is truly unique. Recently, I wanted to try individualizing my purchases even further with hand-lettering.


In the past, I’ve used vintage dictionary pages to make unique art pieces. This time I wanted to play with a funky deer picture I found that’s mounted and sealed onto a wood backing.


There are fancy hand-lettering pens and markers out there, but I used a basic sharpie that I knew would be permanent on top of the photo.


I started by writing my text with just simple, single lines.


I’m new to hand-lettering so I found the most basic technique to use, which is creating a thicker line on just the down strokes. Every piece of the letter in which my hand made a downward motion I went back over and thickened.


There are tons of different hand-lettering techniques and styles but this one was simple for my first attempts.


This was a fun photo to mess around with and I’ll definitely be trying different styles of hand-lettering in the future. I love anything that makes my home décor as unique as I am.  Shopping at arc guarantees individuality in art, clothing and even furniture. Who would want their house to look like everyone else’s?!


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