The Last Crafts of Christmas

By Julie White


For some, the Christmas crafting season is over for the year. But for me, it lives on. This is mainly because of ARC’s 50% off Christmas décor sale. I’ve found such amazing things for so, so cheap! I’m not quite at hoarding levels yet, but there’s still potential in the next week. Lots of the items I’ve purchased in the last couple weeks I’ve put out for the holiday, but a lot of them I’m also saving for next year and future crafting projects. Most recently I found a great, vintage, ceramic sleigh. The tag said $3.99 but with the 50% off at ARC it was only $2.

I also wanted to use some of the great vintage ornaments I’ve scored at ARC over the Christmas season, as well as some of the fun little things that I’ve found in the Christmas bags. These bags might be my favorite things at ARC. Often I buy them because of one thing that I see in there, but once I get them home and opened there are other small things that I missed and am excited to have. That was the case with my elf below—I bought the bag because of some vintage Santa figurines and didn’t even see the elf behind them until I was at home going through it. I positioned the elf in the front of the sleigh and then got started with the vintage ornaments.

Using my hot glue gun I attached a little bit of tinsel garland to the front and then started layering my vintage ornaments. I put some basic colors in there but also included some of my fancy ones. For some people, gluing vintage ornaments is big no-no. But I just like having them around my house and look for excuses to include them in projects. The beauty of shopping at ARC is that there’s a plethora of them to buy.

I kept layering until the sleigh was nice and full. My favorite bit is the two-tone gold and purple Shiny Brite bulb. I think it turned out well and love having even more vintage ornaments from ARC out on display for Christmas.

I hope you all get a chance to take advantage of ARC’s incredible sale, plus certain stores get visits from Santa on Saturdays. Have wonderful holidays!

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