The Art of Collecting…at arc

Normally when I treasure hunt at ARC I search for items to upcycle or craft. However, there are also just things from ARC that I collect…or hoard, depending on your outlook.

One of these categories is vintage globes:


I am physically unable to walk past a vintage globe at ARC. My limit is the five above, due to space, but I can still gaze adoringly at them.

ARC is a wonderful place to build your collections, no matter what it is you collect. There are always a lot of small tchotchkes, which many of us look for, including myself…


Vintage ceramic deer figurines are also items that I can’t resist.


I have entire series of books and movies that I’ve obtained from ARC, too. These are always so much cheaper than buying them new.


But my biggest ARC collection-obsession is definitely vintage Pyrex.


This one definitely borders on hoarding, but the beauty is that the price for each piece is so cheap at ARC. Having a thrifted collection of anything is always cheaper than collecting new items. And really, hunting for the items is half of the fun!

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