How to Make Your Own Poster

My most recent project sprung out of thriftiness. I love the look of those old, vintage roll down maps and prints, but I can’t afford the ones I’ve seen online and in antique stores.


These were both listed on ebay for around $250, each! Wayyyy out of my price range.

I found an old poster I had laying around and decided to head to arc to see what I could find to hang it up with. I started out looking at all of the great picture frames, trying to figure out how I could get the vintage look that I wanted. I didn’t see a frame that I liked, but I did score a picture hanging kit-brand new! Not only did it have the nail and hook for the wall, it also had the wire I’d need the poster to hang from and a great bracket that I could use to mimic a pull down tab on the bottom of the poster.

arc thrift

Then I moved over to the tool area and struck gold.  I found some thin dowels that I think used to be part of a piece of furniture, I’m not sure. They were exactly what I was looking for–already stained and everything.

arc thrift
At home, I used strong tape that I already had to tape the dowels to the back of my poster on the top and bottom, and to secure the wire.

arcarc thrift colorado

Then I used a tack to attach the bracket.

arc thrift
Voila! This was so easy and thrifty, and I love how it turned out! I may need to make a few more…

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